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Stop Beating Yourself Up For The Season You're Experiencing

Soooooo, here's my scoop...

My mojo has been low lately and I get very down on myself for "being down."  I'm a Life Coach For Equestrians, I inspire people, I'm supposed to have my sh*t together, right?

Well, truth be told, sometimes I don't.  There are times when my creativity vanishes, my inspiration runs dry and all I want to do is nap.  It's not pretty to admit, but it's the truth. And the truth shall set us ALL free.

Free from beating ourselves up over honoring the seasons of our lives.

Let me explain...

It's the beginning of September and if you're plugged into world news, you know it's a bit of a manure storm out there.  There's no pitchfork large enough to clean up this mess, so your best bet (what I've found to be true) to stay focused on you, your horse, your riding, and your life.

Just like summer is waning and fall is approaching, there are also seasons in your life.

Some seasons you are energized, highly productive, and crushing your goals....

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Start here, start today, start now.

Start from where you are.
Right here, right now.

Get honest about what you REALLY want.  And by that I mean, what are you willing to put the work in for?  

Where can you see yourself being absolutely, 100% committed- no if's, and's or buts?

It's great to want a washboard, 6-pack set of abs but are you willing ot give up the chips?

It's great to want to jump a clear, balanced 3'6" course, but are you willing to put in the riding time and coaching?

Get clear on what's truly important to you and where you want to focus.
Now that you're clear, everything is possible.
Energy rises when you have a clear desire.

The first half of 2020 has been a challenging time for many.
Goals, dreams, events, trips, and clinics...canceled due to COVID-19.

But today's a new day and August is a new month.
You can create a better, brighter second half of 2020 if you so choose.
So why not choose YES?

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Hello Equestrian World!

We are excited you're here and look forward to being on this Smart Equestrian Journey with you.  My promise to you is this...

You'll have fun.

You'll get results.

You'll be a valued member of an empowering equestrian community.

This blog is being tacked up now and will be ready for a wild ride soon...

Book mark this website and check-in regularly.

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