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Why You Should Use a Paper Personal Planner

Updated: Apr 2

Why planning is so powerful, can actually create magic in your life, and why planning in a physical paper book is so near and dear to my heart.

I have been a life coach for 12 years, and I have exclusively been life coaching for equestrians for nine years. And for nine years, I've been creating a planner that is just for us just for the horse loving community. I have seen the power in planners and watched them change the lives of riders, just like you.

I would like to share a story with you on why I'm so passionate about how a paper planner. A simple little book can absolutely transform your life is that before my whole calling and mission for coaching came to be, I had a very, very dark time in my life. I had so many epic failures. I mean huge things like losing my horse farm and a foreclosure getting divorced, losing my job, having no money falling into a depression, and I had two little children, no family support, no spousal support.

It was just honestly, a very rough time, I could not see the future, I was not optimistic. I had no plan. So I started listening to all kinds of YouTube videos on personal development. And I really became a sponge for how can I get out of this rut? How can I get unstuck?

I wasn't thinking magical. I was thinking mirror survival. What I found was that writing every day, like three simple things I was going to accomplish that day, which honestly, in the beginning was like, get dressed, get the kids fed, get the kids to school, it was super simple. But the act of writing and the act of going to bed and knowing that I had designed what I was going to do the next day, it was empowering in a very small way, but empowering.

From there, I went back to school, I got my insurance license, I fixed my credit score, I did all of the things. What started that momentum for the things was getting clear by writing, where I wanted my life to go step by step. It was not overnight, it took a long time. But eventually, I saw the real power of planning, and what the power of planning means to me.

You can create any thing that you want in life, you absolutely can create the life that you love. If you get clear, and you have a plan, and you you get into rhythms and practices that nourish you that feeds your spirit. My message to you is planning is so much more than a to do list planning. What do you want to see in your life? I want you to look at your planner that it's not just do this do that the vet the grocery store, it's where do I want my life to go? What do I want to see?

Then it's setting goals, then it's getting really clear like beyond my vision, what goals do I want to achieve? And then every day, what are my practices? What are my rituals? Planning gives you a foundation. It says who you are so you are centered.

I just wanted to share from my heart to yours that where ever you are in life today, you can start making a plan and you can get wherever you want to be living a life you love is 100% possible and I would love to be with you on that journey, check out my Leg Up Coaching program and let me guide you on this journey.

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