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The Powerful Combination of Planners and Life Coaching

Updated: Apr 2

Equestrian Excellence: The Powerful Combination of Planners and Life Coaching

We’re all striving for excellence in the saddle, in the barn, and beyond. While the journey to success is filled with challenges, a dynamic duo has emerged as a game-changer: planners and life coaching.

From Dreams to Reality: The Equestrian Journey

Every equestrian has a unique story, a journey filled with dreams, determination, and countless hours spent with their equine partners. The path to equestrian excellence is not without its obstacles, but with the right tools and guidance, it's a journey worth taking.

1. Empowering Goal Achievement:

Testimonial: Peggy's Story

"The coaching I have received from Jenna has been so helpful in giving me a more focused direction. I set daily intentions so that I am on the path to reaching my goals. Her emphasis on being grateful for my life and all that I have keeps me grounded. I am able to realize that I am living a life I love, because I love the journey I am on. I’m excited to begin the Leg Up Club and crush new goals."

2. Overcoming Challenges:

Testimonial: Alex's Journey

"Life as an equestrian is incredibly rewarding but also demanding. I was struggling to balance my equestrian pursuits with my personal life. The stress was affecting both my riding and my relationships. Life coaching helped me develop stress management strategies and prioritize self-care. My planner became a tool not just for scheduling, but for ensuring I made time for myself and my loved ones. Today, I'm not only a more confident rider, but I'm also excelling in my career and personal life. The combination of planning and life coaching gave me the tools to conquer my challenges."

3. Building Confidence:

Testimonial: Mary Beth's Transformation

"Jenna has had a tremendous impact in my life since I began my journey with her as my coach a short 8 months ago. Jenna taught me the power of planning and how creating my day gives me time for the things I love, how to execute on my plan with accountability, and the power of my mindset to inspire and motivate me to accomplish my vision and goals. Her coaching style has energized me to commit to being a healthy, confident equestrian athlete!"

4. Achieving Balance:

Testimonial: Leslie's Success Story

"I have been with Jenna for a year and a half now, at first I thought the whole idea was too complicated and it felt overwhelming and just another thing to do. I got to know Jenna and I really liked her so I decided to try her planner. At first I would constantly be asking her if I were planning the right way and doing it right, Jenna is unbelievable, she has been right by my side since day one no matter what situation is going on she’s right there, good, and bad, over the year it all started to come together for me, my life began to change for the better, my attitude, my eating habits, my sleep habits and how I felt about everything in my life. I look back and I’m a completely different person for the better because of Jenna. I’m healthy, I sleep well, I work out on a regular basis and I feel amazing about myself to the point I climbed to the top of a Mountain and started my own company due to the confidence Jenna installed inside me. Let me add that my confidence carries over to riding my horse as well and that is also going very well. Thank you to Jenna because I truly don’t know who or where I would be now so, thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Unleashing the Power of Equestrian Excellence

These real-life stories and testimonials illustrate the transformative potential of planners and life coaching in the equestrian world. Whether you're a seasoned rider or an enthusiastic beginner, these tools can elevate your journey to equestrian excellence. With proper planning, clear goals, and the guidance of a life coach, you can turn your equestrian dreams into reality, overcome challenges, boost your confidence, and find that elusive work-life balance. It's time to embrace the powerful combination of planners and life coaching and set your course for equestrian excellence.

Interested in being a part of the Leg Up Coaching Club, click here to learn more.

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