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How to Fight the Sunday Scaries

Updated: Mar 28

Do you have any type of anxiety, dread or P.T.S.D on Sunday nights? I remember as a kid, I would be so anxious I either left a project to be done Sunday night that was due Monday morning, or I needed a uniform washed, or there was always something that I left to the very last second.

And then Sunday night, I was left feeling scrambled, unorganized, and truly anxious. As I became an adult, that quality came with me right through college, right into my work world. And it really wasn't until I embraced truly planning in my coaching that my life began to change.

The Smart Equestrian Planner really was born out of solving problems, and one of the problems that I solved for myself was the Sunday night. Sunday for me now is a sacred Sunday, which is really a mindset I ask myself, what does my mind, body, and soul need to feel nourished to feel like I'm taking a breather and giving myself what I need before I jump into the new week?

Every Monday to me feels like New Year's Day, and I just love that feeling. It's a fresh start. I open my planner. I can set habits for that week. I can set intentions, I prioritize. It really helps me feel calm on Sunday nights because I've taken what's important to me.I've been thoughtful and intentional, and I've put it down and made a plan. So if anyone out there is struggling with work-life balance, how do I make time to go to the barn? Am I spending enough time with my children? Am I taking care of myself enough? The reason planning is so powerful is because it's so much more than your to-do list.

It's you aligning with what's important to you and making a plan that keeps you aligned with your values. So if you are sick of the Sunday night, I recommend that you get the 2024 Smart Equestrian Planner, click here to order your copy today.

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