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Leg Up Coaching Membership

Why Join Leg Up Coaching?


Do you want to be part of a vibrant equestrian community that believes in you and works together to move you toward your goals and dreams?

You belong here if you are on a personal journey and want more out of life.

Do you strive for optimal health and wellness, more time for the things you love, and confidence in life and in the saddle?

Leg Up Coaching is for equestrian women looking to actively change their lives. With the consistent guidance of a professional coach, you can achieve goals in all areas of life including riding, personal relationships, career, finances, and health.

Are you ready to become the person your horse WANTS you to be?

 Then this is your herd!


I love Leg Up Coaching. It has been so helpful to have this group of people when I need support. The videos have been really helpful. The monthly calls have given me some great life hack ideas. Hands down though, my favorite part of L.U.C.C. is Book Club. I would never have read any of these books on my own, and some of them have been absolutely life changing! I love Leg Up Coaching!

—  Katrina R

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