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Get a Leg Up in Life

with the Leg Up Coaching Club 

Join a community of empowered equestrians who are chasing their dreams in and out of the saddle

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Do you ever feel like you are being pulled in a million different directions?

Your boss is talking to you about deadlines, the kids have practice, and all you want to do is get to the barn to destress from all of the demands life puts on you…

As an equestrian, I don’t have to tell you that juggling a career, family life, and horses is tough. And life is always throwing curveballs, it can feel like it is nearly impossible to balance it all.

I get where you are because I’ve been there too. I’ve experienced epic failures in my life and got through them to live a life I love. Now I use what successfully led me through those dark times to help empower other equestrians for the last 9 years.

If you're looking to find your work/life balance, spend more time with your horse, improve your health, and start living your life with intention and mindfulness, then I have the perfect opportunity for you. The Leg Up Coaching Club.

It is a world-wide equestrian community focused on daily coaching, inspiration, a positive mindset and helping you achieve your most important goals.

This community is for if you are a rider who:


  • Wants to be more mindful during the time they get at the barn

  • Is tired of feeling like they can’t seem to get ahead

  • Feels burned out trying to keep up with it all

  • Looks to feel more fulfilled in the lives in and out of the saddle

 You belong here if you are on a personal journey and want more out of life.

What is included in Leg Up Coaching?

Leg Up Coaching is a community for equestrians looking to actively change their lives. With the consistent guidance of a professional coach, you can achieve goals in all areas of life including riding, personal relationships, career, financial, and health.

What can you look forward to inside of the Leg Up Coaching Club?

  1. Direct, private, safe conversations inside of the community.

  2. "Live" chats and personalized coaching on a regular basis.

  3. Fun-filled, interactive activities with a path to achieve your goals. 

  4. Priority Access to Equestrian Trips. Whether it be an amazing once in a lifetime trip to Ireland, or a weekend retreat in the states, LUC Members have first access. Considering all trips have sold out, you are first in line!

  5. Priority Access to Personal Coaching Sessions. I offer limited slots and guarantee access for LUC members.

  6. Priority Access to New Courses and Master Mind Groups.

  7. Monthly BOOK CLUB to expand & inspire in our relaxed ZOOM Living Room.

  8. Daily Inspiration from Jenna (priceless!)


Personal Growth





In Leg Up Coaching, you’ll find learning, growth, discovery, and transformation into the rider your horse wants you to be.

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I love Leg Up Coaching. It has been so helpful to have this group of people when I need support. The videos have been really helpful. The monthly calls have given me some great life hack ideas. Hands down though, my favorite part of L.U.C.C. is Book Club. I would never have read any of these books on my own, and some of them have been absolutely life changing! I love Leg Up Coaching!

—  Katrina R

Meet Your Guide

Jenna Knudsen

Mindfulness Coach for Equestrians

I’m Jenna Knudsen, a life coach who specializes in equestrians. It has been my dream to help empower equestrian women to the next level of their life. We can all use a leg-up in life and we can all benefit from accountability and coaching. 


Life has peaks and way too many valleys. I have struggled and worked hard to find the ways out of the low points. I did it by finding great mentors, reading, planning and committing to make the changes necessary for success. I take the lessons I’ve learned to help make a difference in the lives of fellow riders from all over the world.


What I have discovered is now something I gift back to others. We are all on a path and sometimes it just works better when there is a guiding hand to help.


I invite you to join me and also to meet some of the most amazing equestrian women anywhere. (Guaranteed you will love them) Our exclusive community is life-changing, and this my deepest wish for you, to Live The Life You Love.


Ready to take a first step towards achieving all of your goals in and out of the saddle?

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