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How to Organize Your Chaos

Updated: Mar 28

Do you ever feel like your life complete chaos and not sure where to start to organize it? I'll make it super simple. So first, your planner gives you clarity. Through all the writing and the discussion that we do inside of the planner, you get super clear on what do you want, what does your equestrian dream life look like? We take it from big to small.

Then we'll make a plan to give you real clarity. From that clarity, you're able to prioritize because the truth is the outside world is always grabbing at you, grabbing at your time, grabbing at your attention, grabbing at your energy, all of it. But when you really harness the power of taking your clarity, turning your plan into priorities, that's where you come up with this amazing energy to focus. The third element that is super beneficial with this planner is our Facebook Smarties community. When you are part of a like-minded community where everyone in there is talking about the steps they're taking, the actions, the pause, the rest, all the energy that surrounds getting from where you are to where you want to be in all areas of your life, that community really is the glue to taking the inspiration and turning it into application.

If in 2024 you have goals, you have dreams, you have habits that you want to stick to, you have rituals and practices that you want to them a part of your life who you are even more than just what you do. The Smart Equestrian Planner is the most powerful tool that I've ever come across in all my 15 years of coaching that keeps you accountable, keeps you inspired, and the community just feels, it feels like magic. It really just helps you keep going towards your dreams and goals and turning anything you want into a reality. I really look forward to meeting you in the Smartie community!

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