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Why Does Community Matter for Achieving Your Goals?

Updated: Mar 28

Seven years ago, I launched the Smart Equestrian Planner Facebook group because we needed a cyber barn. I wanted to provide a place where everyone who's using a planner can come to and truly reveal themselves, truly be vulnerable, share dreams, goals, and visions, but then also share what's not quite working out where the challenges are, the stumbles, the falls, truly the epic failures. I noticed that having a community is what can truly matter when you need support to reach you goals. Going into 2024, I just want to let you know if you are out on your farm, out in your life and you think to yourself, I wish I had a safe place somewhere in social media that I could belong, that I could truly show up as my authentic self, not try to fit in, not change yourself so that you can be a part of something, but really show up however you are in life, and have a committed group of like-minded equestrians who are there to support you, to cheer you on, to share with you what worked for them when they were in a challenging situation, then you are the perfect fit for our Smarties family.

We really are a family.

Many of us have been together on Facebook for those seven years. We travel to Ireland together. We help each other through the hardest bits of life. We cheer each other on through all of the triumphs, but really it's for people who are looking for a community. You want a cyber barn where you can come and not deal with drama, not deal with any hating or anything that you sometimes see in social media. All that's allowed inside of our community is support, friendship, coaching, and encouragement. So if that's something that you would like in your life, grab your Smart Equestrian planner and come join us in the Smart Equestrian Planner Facebook group. See you in there!

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