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Is Community Important for Success?

Updated: Apr 2

Over the last 9 years, I've been building the The SMART Equestrian - or SMARTIES community. Community matters, especially for equestrians. I started this community because I was an equestrian lost in life, I had so much that I wanted to accomplish. I had so many goals, so many dreams. But I was just stuck. I was in this really dark place.

Through coaching, through planning through personal development, I started making huge steps in my life started out small ended up big, and then all of this blossom from it. So community matters. Because everyone goes through hard times, at some point in their life, life just goes like this. It's a roller coaster, it's life. That's just the way it is.

When you have a coach, when you have a community, when you have that togetherness, things end up working out. We always have each other's backs. We are down at different times we inspire one another, we show the real side of life.

So that you know on social media, everything can look like shiny, happy people. And when you're struggling, that can be extra isolating, because you think Wait, what is wrong with me? Why is everyone doing this, this and that. And I'm over here struggling?

Within the community we show the great things and we want to celebrate everyone, but we also show the real side so that everyone really feels like you belong. You're not just fitting in you belong, you're supported. And truly together, we can accomplish anything.

Thank you to everyone who wrote in you inspired me to just reach out and connect the community and let everyone know if you're not part of our community, and you're looking for a community. If you want the equestrian life that you love, we have an incredible group for you. Click Here to Learn More About Leg Up Coaching.

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