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Plan, Create & Live The Equestrian Life You Love.

A community of equestrians empowering equestrians to achieve their goals.

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Meet Jenna

Life Coach for Equestrians

It has been my dream to help empower equestrian women to the next level of their life. We can all use a leg-up in life and we can all benefit from accountability and coaching. As the saying goes the best ability is accountability.

My life has been dedicated to coaching women. Now it is solely devoted to coaching equestrian women. In my life I have benefited greatly from mentors and coaches. My mentors have helped me grow personally, professionally, and financially.

I also know that not everyone can afford private personal coaching. I struggled mightily to have coaches and mentors, however, every time I invested in myself it always proved to be the best investment I could make.

I invite you to join me and some of the most amazing women. Our exclusive community is life changing, and this my deepest wish for you, to Live A Life You Love.


As Featured On

No Bad Days Youtube Channel

Webinars with Wendy Murdoch

Why Be a SMARTie


Meet our jewelry designer and fellow Smartie, Eija!

I like to wear simple straightforward jewelry that makes me feel good. Powerful even. Sometimes when I need a boost of confidence I’ll cruise through my collection and grab whatever moves me. Funny how we can put so much weight into an object. I want to make these objects for you. I want to make jewelry that reminds you of a special event, a person, a place, or a time in your life. Jewelry is the perfect gift, especially for yourself. I use high-quality materials and always reach for recycled items whenever possible. Craftsmanship is of the utmost importance to create jewelry that will last a lifetime.

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