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Join Our Empowered Equestrian Community

The Smart Equestrian FB Community known as "The Smart Equestrian Planner Group" is a private, all equestrian community based around support, empowerment and personal coaching.  Here you have daily inspiration and motivation to utilize your Smart Equestrian Daily Life Planner to it's maximum potential.  With the help of this group and the use of the planner- everything is possible.  Dreams become reality.

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Want To See The World Through Horse's Ears?

Find out more about our retreats...50 women have had this amazing adventure already and love to rave about it!

We travel in groups of 15 and our laughter can be heard through out Ireland!

Ireland...ride through the beautiful country side of Ireland.

Our 2021 dates are filled at the moment, but we do keep a waiting list

Let us know if you'd like to be put on it.

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The Leg Up Coaching Club

This is the perfect club for equestrians who want to focus and crush riding goals in the show ring and outside.  We focus on optimal health, financial abundance and sustainable time management- giving YOU more time in the saddle. Live Coaching Calls, Weekly Videos, Book Club, Interviews and more give tremendous value to this powerful coaching club.

Registration Opening in Sept 2020

"I Love L.U.C.C. It has been so helpful to have this group of people when I need support. The videos have been really helpful. The monthly Zoom meetings have given me some great life "hack" ideas, and it's really fun to actually meet and talk to other Smarties. Hands down though, my favorite part of L.U.C.C. is the book club. I would never have read any of these books on my own, and some of them have been absolutely life changing for me. I LOVE L.U.C.C.!"

Katrina R.
Medical Director/Physician & Equestrian

"L.U.C.C. rocks! You will get out of it what you put in it! I always get something out of it. Everyone is so inspiring and Jenna gives us lots of tools to reach the life you love. The biggest thing I've learned and total Ah-ha moment was the book club. There are times when you can't get the book done, or even get to the book. You know what? You dive into the ZOOM call and see what everyone else got out of it and make notes. It puts a whole new light and spin on the books!"

Julie G.
High School Teacher & Equestrian

" The smartie community is an amazing unique group of women who share a passion for horses...but honestly it goes far beyond this commonality...this group hosted by Jenna Knudsen has become a haven allowing the participant to feel safe and secure... For me I have developed relationships with people I have never physically met. I have shared my pain, my joy , my ups and downs with this group and in return have received love and support. The smarties group is like coming home."

Beth H.
Lavender Farm, New York

"To say I was skeptical about buying into the planner and the smarties community is an understatement. My friend tried to get me to join the year before I did but I couldn’t believe it would change my life. The next year when she mentioned it I thought i didn’t have anything to lose I was ready to give up on my breeding operation and step away from horses all together. The smarties community has given me a place to belong, the barn family I was missing even if it’s virtual. The group, the planner and most importantly Coach Jenna help you get real about living your life and not just letting it happen to you! It has helped me realize where I want to go and what steps I need to take to get there! I never would have believed that my life could be so different, so much more fulfilling in just a few months!"

Jessica R.
Owner of Island Pony Dream Farm, Idaho

"Since joining the Smartie community I've developed a greater sense of gratitude and joy for the people and things in my life. I've become a better and more confident person all while in the company of amazing equestrian athletes. "

Jane H.
Charleston, SC
Do you worry about not being athletic enough to ride at the level you want to?

When you're a member of our community we help you track and sustain healthy practices that keep you in optimal health.

Do you worry about having the financial security to keep your horse or farm afloat?

When you're a member of our community we focus on financial planning, debt reduction and creating opportunities for more income.

Has your confidence been shattered due to a fall or riding injury?

Our community instills confidence and shares knowledge to help you rebuild your belief in your riding capabilities.


About Jenna.

It has been my dream to help empower equestrian women to the next level of their life. We can all use a leg-up in life and we can all benefit from accountability and coaching. As the saying goes the best ability is accountability.

My life has been dedicated to coaching women. Now it is solely devoted to coaching equestrian women. In my life I have benefited greatly from mentors and coaches. My mentors have helped me grow personally, professionally, and financially.

I also know that not everyone can afford private personal coaching. I struggled mightily to have coaches and mentors, however, every time I invested in myself it always proved to be the best investment I could make.

I invite you to join me and some of the most amazing women. Our exclusive community is life changing, and this my deepest wish for you, to Live A Life You Love.



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