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We believe in always giving back which is why 10% of The S.M.A.R.T. Equestrian profits go to the horse rescues listed below.

  • Castelli's Mustang and Horse Sanctuary

  • Colorado Horse Rescue

  • Buck's Pride Rescue

  • Day's End Farm (DEFHR)

  • Forever Morgan's

  • Equine Rescue Resource

  • Sound Equine Options

  • National Thoroughbred Welfare Organization

  • Acres Horse Rescue and Sanctuary

  • Idaho Horse Rescue

Donations sent in 2021.

  • Faith Riding Center

  • Drifters Hearts of Hope

  • L.E.A.R.N. Livestock and Equine Awareness Rescue Network

  • Rising Starr Horse Rescue

  • Sunshine Ranch and Therapeutic Riding

  • Silver Linings Sanctuary

  • Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue

  • Red Horse Rescue

If you have a horse rescue that you would like us to donate to, please submit the name and address below!

Submit Horse Rescue
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