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Benefit #1: Better Time Management
Benefit #2: More Time In The Saddle
Benefit #3: Less Stress
Welcome To 
The Smart Equestrian! 
Welcome to the S.M.A.R.T. Equestrian!
The S.M.A.R.T. Equestrian community is the first of its kind, solely dedicated to the success & personal growth of riders worldwide. 

This is an empowering group of dedicated individuals who recognize the call for a like-minded community. The extraordinary support of this group is its driving force and is also the essential ingredient for improving all aspects of our unique lifestyle.
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Our mission is simply stated and all-encompassing:
Equestrians Empowering Equestrians. 

We welcome all riders of all disciplines, at all levels, the only thing you need to bring is your desire to help others and help yourself to "Live a Life You Love!"

Our hands-on community is active daily sharing struggles, breakthroughs, successes, and challenges. It is truly amazing what happens when you are lifted up by a "herd" of amazing women who all want to be part of your success. 

Our focus is on mindset, confidence, moving forward through intention and daily actions and prioritizing choices we make daily. 

The S.M.A.R.T Equestrian Daily planner is the essential tool we use to stay inspired, accountable and moving forward with positive action.

You can find this exceptional group of women in our private FB community at "The Smart Equestrian Planner Group."

Private and group coaching is also available for riders seeking one-on-one success coaching and a higher degree of accountability.  

Whatever your goals are...we are here to ensure that each day you are one step closer to achieving them! 
Meet Jenna
Hi!  My name is Jenna, and I am a lifelong equestrian.  I know the passion and devotion that come along with being a dedicated rider, and I am here to empower you in that lifestyle.  

I am excited to connect with you and help you to create the life that you love!  With coaching on mindset, beliefs, rituals and habits, as well as support in our private FB community...with a planner, coaching and our community, you'll have every tool you need to achieve any goal you set!  

Our private FB community is absolutely on fire with confidence, support and an amazing mindset- all the elements necessary to achieve your goals! 

Let's create a life you love!

Big love, 
Jenna Knudsen
I've been coaching women for a decade now and have learned so much about how we operate. What inspires one woman, doesn't do a dang thing for a another! Since I've been exclusively coaching equestrians, I've come to see even more behaviors and patterns that are unique and wonderful to work with. "Leg Up" coaching is all about YOU. It's a partnership where it's my job to uncover and discover what makes you tick and how to establish habits and rituals that get you to where you want to be for the LONG haul. Achieving your goals is a rewarding journey and together we can achieve any goal you set and have your life path be one of living a life you love! If you've ever wanted more out of your life and riding...having a coach 100% dedicated to your success is a brilliant path to ride. Please visit my website to learn more.
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